"I am a deep ancestral cry near the ocean"

Poetry & Secrets


Assétou Xango

"I am a deep ancestral cry near the ocean"

Poetry & Secrets

By Assétou Xango

Do not be afraid to feel,

deeply & fully,

all the sensations that occur. this body is yours remove the barricades you have exalted. they stop you from moving, that stop you from visiting. what belongs to you.





is She
is He
when They want to be.

Dark Goddess
is midnight warrior
steel tongue

Dark Goddess
in the resting
in your quiet
wrecking your peace.

Dark Goddess is subtle
shadow disrupter

Dark Goddess eclipse
is black
is womyn
is pansexual
is polyamorous

all the things they'd warn you about
if they even knew their names

Dark Goddess is death


Dark Goddess is festering under every band-aid
you prayed would be enough

Dark Goddess is that pit in your stomach
that fear & that fearlessness
the comfort in the discomfort

Because you have never wanted to be small
you know that living means facing all the fears.

Dark Goddess is the guide
through the dark,
we are not afraid.
anything within is us can't be bigger than us.

Dark Goddess looks deeply into the darkness
comes back alive.

It is the Dark Goddess who says, sure, you will die

but the rebirth...



The dark.
The demon.
The uncivilized.

the vulture.
the crow.
the snake.

the witch.
the bewitching.
the sultress.
the seducer.

the trickster.
the enslaved.
the haunted.

the hunted.
the banished.
the outcast.
the lonely.

the buried.
the beneath.

I am all the parts of God
you don't see as Holy.

The more we ignore our unhealed parts, the louder and angrier they get. My affinity and love affair with the darkness makes me the perfect guide to help you be with the parts of yourself that need healing. Once you become comfortable with the darkness, you are comfortable in all areas of your life and are at ease with fear, and going for your dreams. To become comfortable with things like risk, stress, fear, or anger means there is nothing to hold you back from creating the life you want. Too many programs, coaches and self-help books teach you how to find the light. I teach you how to navigate your darkness with the ease and grace that is your birthright.

The Academy of American Poets

Assétou Xango, Poet Laureate of Aurora, Colorado

Assétou Xango is a poet and community activist. They are the Poet Laureate of Aurora, CO. Xango will conduct workshops and conversations in Aurora with youth struggling with intersectional identities, including gender, race, and sexual orientation. Additionally, their project will support youth peers and administration, which hopes to make the school environment a more supportive and aware space for all identities and needs. (poets.org)


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