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As an emcee, panelist, teaching artist and performer, I focus on bringing diverse methodologies that connect with my audience and inspire them to reach for more. Change the energy of organization by introducing deep healing and authentic human connection. Watch your organization shift from mistrust and conflict to empathy and inclusivity. There is nothing more healing than authentic connection. That's what I facilitate. 


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We live in a time of heightened identity consciousness. Gender, Sexual Orientation, Race, Class, Nationalism, are just a few of the things that demand our understanding every day.

Diversity, social inclusion and cultural responsiveness shouldn't be a political buzz word. These practices are NOT unattainable and you do not need to study every oppressed identity in-depth to show up in helpful ways. The truth is, cultural responsiveness is an inside job FIRST. All of the system that exists in our community, exist within us.

By doing a deep dive into the self, we learn the vulnerability necessary to responsibly relate to diverse communities. We gain a soft compassion for all that we are, which makes it easy to be compassionate towards others. 

Shadow Work


 Poetry is the language of the soul. We are disconnected, tired of the patterns that bind us to a life of confusion and overwhelm. Exhausted by the noise of too many questions and elusive answers. But your soul knows the answers. Your soul is the path to clarity, to healing, and abundance. Your soul holds the blue print to your very purpose in this life. Poetry is the language of the soul. This course will show you how to use it. How to open the shadows and let the light in. This course is how you learn the language of your knowing and never lose its voice again.

Through this month long intensive, you will find clarity, decisiveness and the expansive feeling that only comes with living a life of authenticity and truth.  This can be taken individually but is best done in a group. Healing Happens in community

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