About Call-Out Culture

Call in Culture

We have healing to do, 
on the individual, 
& collective fronts. 
There has been some talk these days about 
call in and call-out culture

I need you to know the difference. 

Call-out is individualistic 
colonial in nature
It rests on the colonizers' "justice system" and seeks the binary of victim and perpetrator, 
dehumanizing both in the process. 
When call out culture hears there has been harm, 
it devours, 
consumes it.
determines who is good
and who is deserving of punishment.
Call-out believes itself other
and the world: seesaw. 

Call in culture is communal 

It rests on the knowing we need each other to survive.
Call in culture recognizes any rupture as its own.
It cannot separate itself from the All
Call in culture knows: all hurt is community hurt
all harm: community harm
for which the only proper punishment is healing
Call-in culture does not demand; it invites, 
with teeth to make the difference.

We have healing work to do.

When we see harm in our community, 
we should pay attention to how we respond. 
pay attention to what repels us
to what parts of ourselves we don't want to know.

We have healing to do.
Individually, communally, collectively.
We owe that to ourselves.

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  2. THIS! Words cannot express how powerful this is. We need to campaign this! This is healing activism, this is ancestral resilience defined, this is the future and the way we will not only be sustained but also THRIVE! Thank you for this thought piece.

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