Who is your best self

Assétou sipping from coffee mug

Who is your best self?

im sitting in the empty apartment i will share with my partner. we spent the evening, our date night, smudging with sage & sound. whispering intentions, hearts interlocked.

once again, i will share a home with the person who demands no less than my best self.

now, in this crucible, I can see who I will become.

my best self is not guarded

does not allow me to have arbitrary dislikes and upturn my nose  recognizes that protector energy and its fears of being hurt.

we love that energy & noble sacrifice. we want it to know the best avenue to staying safe. opening up to presence. it keeps our discernment sharp and heart full.

my best self apologizes

only after i am settled

only when i have capacity to hold the harm

in the privacy of my sacred home

celebrate the growth

inherit in my mistakes

my best self asks for consent

and waits for the response.
my best self honors the response.

my best self holds the experience of rejection tenderly 

and there i am: an inevitable entrance

What does your best self look like? Post a comment!

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